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Free entry

Do you want to visit the Alcazaba and the castle of Gibralfaro for free?

The entrance ticket of the Alcazaba and the castle of Gibralfaro are very cheap in Malaga but if you are so lucky to visit Malaga on Sunday you will enter in these places for free! Sunday is the free entry day of the Alcazaba, and Gibralfaro starting from 14:00.

Our suggestions

  • We suggest you to visit only one monument per day sincethe time to visit them is one and a half hour each. Also remember that the two monuments are not direclty connected: the entrance of the Alcazaba is in the city center but to visit the caste of Gibralfaro you will need to hike the Gibralfaro mountain. How to reach the castle? Check our blog post here.
  • A guided tour of the Alcazaba: the Alcazaba is the most emblematic monument of the city and it is worthy to visit with a guide. In this way, you will discover its history, hidden legends, art and architecture.
    Winter Season: 1st November – 31st of March, the tour is at 16:00.
    Summer Season: 1st April- 31st October, the tour is at 17:00.
    For more info and bookings, click here.
  • The best moment to visit these two monuments is at 4.00 pm in winter time and at 5.00 pm in summer time. In this way you will take advantage of the sunlight and you will have enough time to visit both. Remember that the last entry time is 30 minutes before the closing time.

On Sunday not only Alcazaba…also museums have free entry in Malaga!

Malaga has a wide variety of museums (36 museums) most of which are located in the historic center.

On Sunday the majority of them have free entry. Here you can find a list of them; if you want more detailed information about the entry time, how to reach them and some useful tips, check this blog post.

  • Picasso museum: free entrance the last two hours;
  • Russian Museum: free entrance starting from 4.00 pm:
  • Centre Pompidou: free entrance starting from 4.00 pm;
  • Thyssen museum: free entrance starting from 5.00 pm;
  • Museum of Malaga: free all day long;
  • Revello de Toro museum: free entrance between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm;
  • CAC: free all day long.

Our suggestions

  • On Sunday morning also the Cathedral of Malaga is free; it is one of the jewels of the Andalusian Reinessance and if you’re in the city you shouldn’t miss it. We recommend you to go between 10 am and 11 am since there are not a lot of tourists visiting the inside.
  • In Malaga there are 36 museums but our favourites are the Thyssen museums, Russian museums and the Picasso museum.