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12:30 PM

Meeting point

Plaza del Obispo


1h 45mins



Free walking tour Malaga

Walking tour Malaga

The free walking tour is a tour that promote a kind of tourism based on entertainment, culture and respect for the city.

Malaga has one of the most pictoresque historic centers of Spain: the sea, the beaches, the weather, the mediterranean cuisine and its lifestyle make it an unique city.

Discover Malaga during this guided tour while visiting its labyrinthine streets and traveling throught time from Roman times until nowdays.

The best free walking tour in the city!

During this English guided tour, you will be impressed by histories, legends, curiosities and fun facts that you will discover. Moreover, you will get to know some architectural gems of the city center: the Cathedral, the Alcazaba and the Roman theatre.

During the free tour, we will have a short break at the main market of Malaga (the Atarazanas market), in this way you will have the chance to taste some of the typical products of the city.

Our tour guides will not show you only the history and the culture of the place but they will also give you some useful tips in order to make unforgettable your stay in Malaga and in Andalusia.

What is a Free Tour?

A free walking tour is a tour based on tip; the visitor decides the price based on his/her level of satisfaction and everyone has the possibility to join it since there is no a fixed budget for the visit.

Important: the maximum number of people in a group is 15. For this reason, we cannot accept booking of 8 or more people alltogether. In this case you can join the tour by paying 5€ per person or you can book a private tour for a very convenient price just clicking here.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to connect travelers with the city, explaining its history and peculiarities in order to make their vacation special.

We are proud, as guides, to be ambassadors of Malaga, helping you to fall in love with one of the best cities in the world!

No two tours are the same: places, histories and route are choosen by the tour guide at the moment adapting at the necessities and interests of the goup. For this reason, the tours are never boring and it’s for this reason that we have the best Free Walking Tour of Malaga!

Meeting point

Short info


10:00 AM, 12:00 PM.

Friday and Saturday also at 6:00 PM


1h 45mins


With a free tour, the price is open, i.e. you can decide the amount you pay depending on how much you enjoyed the tour – but we are sure you will love it!


English and Spanish in two separated groups.

Meeting point

Plaza del Obispo (in front of the Cathedral).

How to recognize our tour guides?

The guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point with the red t-shirt of Málaga Adventures and red umbrellas.

It will be very easy to recognize.

End point

On Alcazabilla street, in front of the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba.


Suitable for all ages / Wheelchair friendly

Tour route

The Cathedral of Málaga

The Cathedral of Málaga is a symbol of the city, famous for the fact that it was never finished and was consequently given the charming nickname “La Manquita” (The Little One-armed Lady).

Calle Marqués de Larios

This is the main street of Málaga and is a popular spot for shopping. The construction of this street is linked to a local delicacy – the sweet wine of Málaga!

Market Ataranzas

This is the main market of Málaga and equally loved by tourists and local people. The building was formally a Muslim shipyard, which gives it its name, since ataranzas means shipyard. Here we will take a break to leave you the possibility to visit inside and taste some typical products.

San Juan's Church

This church was once a mosque and has a peculiar structure due to the tower at its main entrance. Find out why the church has the unusual nickname, Church of the Five Balls!

Flowers’ Square

This square has a lot of histories waiting for you to be discover!

Constitution Square

This is  one of the most emblematic squares in Málaga that hosts many public events and celebrations.

Café Central

This is one of the oldest cafés in Málaga and gave rise to a special system for ordering coffee.

Alcazabilla Street

We finish the tour with the oldest monuments in the city the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba, just in front of the famous Pimpi!

Why go on a Free Tour?

Personal experience

We like to keep our groups small in order to give a personalized tour. The use of illustrations, maps and other audio-visual materials is a very important part of our tours.

Multilingual Tours

Our tours are provided in English and Spanish, in two separated groups. For more languages (Italian, French or German), you should contact us first.

Pet friendly

Bring your pets to the tour! We love animals and we think they should have a good time with you! We have the first dog tour guide in Spain!

Frequently asked questions

What is a Free Tour?

The Free Tour concept implies an open price, in other words – you are the one who decides what amount you want to give depending on your level of satisfaction. Our tours are designed by local guides who love their city and want to show you all it has to offer. Stories, culture, architecture, legends and much more.

Are there Free Tours every day of the year?

Yes! Every day we offer a Free Tour at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, just join us at Plaza del Obispo (in front of the cathedral). As a general rule when the groups are less than 4 people the tour may be canceled, but no worries – rarely happens.

How do I find you on the Free Tour?

Come to Plaza de la Obispo, in front of the cathedral and look for a guide with the red umbrella. Say hi and start your adventure!

We recommend you arrive 10 minutes in advance.

Where does the Free Tour end?

On Alcazabilla street, in front of the Roman Theater and the Alcazaba.
A perfect place to grab a drink or something to eat!

Free walking tour - additional information


  • The booking for the Free Tour is not compulsory but we recommend to do it to be 100% sure that you have an assured spot.